West Rand Engagement

Mine Dust’s work in the West Rand focuses on community engagement and education of all stakeholders towards mitigative action management of tailing storage facilities (TSF). A major concern of the TSF is the issue of toxic runoff into ecosystems and communities, known as Acid Mine Drainage, which goes on to poison the local environment and people. 

Mine Dust, through their community facilitation, is working for better tailings management in partnership with the local stakeholders in the region. The situation is highly complex and institutionally needs greater support and will exertion. Mine Dust in attempting to mobilize this action. The most recent engagement was a two-day stakeholder forum and onsite tour visits to TSF that you can read more about here.

You too can experience more intimately the complex nature and historical context of mine waste and its current affects in the West Rand. We have created a virtual story map of our onsite tour of the TSF we visited during the engagement. This virtual experience is filled with in-depth information and visual imagery to facilitate knowledge expansion and accessibility of this wicked problem. Click here to embark on the journey!

Here we have provided an intensive bibliography that has been compiled by our team in hopes to share in furthered knowledge expansion. The bibliography is diverse in research from our expansive network of participants ranging in interdisciplinary engagement concerning mine waste.

West Rand Photo Documentation