GCRF Mine Dust and Health Network West Rand Tailings Engagement, March 2022

This was a two day engagement that took place in Gauteng, South Africa. The first day was a guided tour of the many tailing storage facilities (TSF) in the region. The tour composed of various stakeholders spanning a wide range of disciplines concerning the issues of mine waste. The second day was composed of five formal panel presentations spanning interdisciplinary backgrounds engaging creatively with the various impacts, movements, initiatives and future projections managing the facilities. After the formal dialogue, participants dispersed into smaller groups conversing in round table discussions brainstorming potential & better methods to combat the negative impacts TSF generate.

Below are summary write-ups of the key takeaways of the roundtable discussions. For further information, a virtual guided tour, and visual documentation regarding this work, refer to the main menu bar on this website, select ‘Case Studies’, and click the drop down section ‘West Rand’.

Click Here: Panel one round table summary – Measuring & Monitoring.

Click Here: Panel two round table summary – Health Implications & Dust Emissions.

Click Here: Panel three round table summary – Mitigation & Rehabilitation.

Click Here: Panel four round table summary – Governance.

Click Here: Panel five round table summary – Community Engagement.

Click here for all four round table discussions. 

Topic for 3 November 2021: Hazard Identification and Exposure Assessment of Dust Emissions from South African Gold Mine Tailings Sites

The presentation shows how decades of mining in South Africa have resulted in numerous gold mine tailings storage facilities (TSFs) and how these TSFs have contributed to air pollution affecting the human populations residing in their close proximity.

Speaker: Dr. Charlene Andraos

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GCRF Mine Dust and Health Network Technical session @ NACA 2021, 7 October

The Global Challenges Research Fund Mine dust & Health Network and NACA held a technical session on the emissions and impacts of windborne dust from gold tailings storage facilities (TSFs) in the West Rand District.  To find out more about the technical session programme, please click here.

GCRF Mine Dust and Health Network session @ MtM and SAIMM Forum

Topic for 22 September 2021: The Tshiamiso Trust: Origins, Mandate, Uncertainties, Ethical Concerns and Food For Thought

The presentation introduces and provides an overview of the work of the Tshiamiso Trust and the reasons for its establishment. The Trust aims to compensate eligible miners who contracted silicosis and tuberculosis in the course of their work at mines owned by the companies who are party to the Trust deed and settlement agreement.

Speaker: Prof. May Hermanus

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Topic for 11 August 2021: MOSH dust leading practices as critical controls in the South African mining industry

The MOSH Leading Practice Adoption System is a process used by the MOSH Learning Hub to identify, document and promote widespread adoption of dust leading practices across the South African Mining Industry. The previous and current MOSH Dust Leading Practices aimed at assisting the mining industry to achieve the 2024 Occupational Health Milestone on elimination of occupational lung diseases, are highlighted.

Speaker: Mr. Sibusiso Masanabo

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Topic for 30 June 2021: Escalation of Black Lung in the U.S. and a Systematic Approach for Controlling Respirable Dust

Coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), commonly known as black lung, develops from the inhalation of respirable coal mine dust and is a disabling and potentially fatal lung disease with no cure. Recent health surveillance data indicates that CWP continues to occur at elevated levels.

Speaker: Mr. Jay Colinet

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Topic for 7 April 2021: Organising Fence-line Communities In the Context of Mining

Dust emissions from mining operations and waste dumps pose a risk to the health and quality of life of surrounding or fence-line communities.

Speaker: Mr. Brown Motsau

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Topic for 24 February 2021: Mitigating long-term dust risks from tailings storage facilities: An exploration of opportunities, drivers and barriers for repurposing mine tailings.

Mine tailing storage facilities (TSFs) are a major source of mine dust emissions, both during and beyond the life-of-mine. Reallocation of mine tailings as feedstock for alternative uses offers an opportunity to remove risks of environmental emissions in perpetuity, whilst simultaneously recovering value. This free webinar focused on the development and transfer of innovative technologies for the repurposing of mine dust tailings.

Speakers: Associate Professor Dyllon Randall and Helene-marie Stander

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GCRF Mine Dust and Health Network Technical session @ NACA 2020, 17 November

The GCRF Mine Dust and Health Network technical session, held under the topic “Mine Dust: Recent developments and future trends”, was convened virtually on Tuesday, 17 November 2020 at the NACA 2020 conference. The session, which attracted 130 people from Southern Africa, Australia, and the United Kingdom, was an interactive platform where participants and speakers engaged on the presentations given on the signature themes.

WATCH..The GCRF Mine Dust and Health Network technical session at the NACA 2020 conference.

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